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Why are we here. well I guess the biggest question was, why did you do the Rush tribute? Most of all, I love & respect the music. We have not intended to rip off the Rush name or explote them. I really enjoyed the challenge and wanted to tackel some of their tougher work. Along the way we met some of the more intellegent listeners and got in touch with people more in tune with the music we write. The intentions were honest and the experience was wonderful. To play songs like "The camera eye" in its complete form was a challenge. Working so hard on that material has improved us as musicians and gave us more drive to move ahead. The most driven musicians I have met are the true progressive minded ones and the ones who keep the dream alive give hope to the future of music in general. No matter how thin the arena for progressive music seems to appears, I believe that there is a world that lurks beyond the top 40 charts. We write what we believe in and will continue on that path.

It is intense the amount of dedication and obsession that it takes to complete an album project like this one. From the first set of lyric's passed between Dave, Clay and I in the summer of ’97 to the eight songs in the works this new millennium. In January of ’98 the studio had been completed after nine months of work and by May we did our first show of mostly original material. We had an engineer lined up and the bulk of material written. As usual, change and ripples in the road occured. We decided to take the summer off. So in the fall we decided to move forward and started the engineer/producer search. One name was the only name that kept popping up in my head. So I called Dean Bynum up and said (as I have said to him many times) “I have an idea” funny enough he did not hang up on me. Whew…So we aligned schedules and started in the middle of September with building dummy scratch tracks/click tracks and proceeded with nailing down the drums. What a fine job Mr. Clay has done. I don’t care for many drummers today but Clay has done a great job being innovative, well skilled and technical while being in tune with the song’s needs. Dean the tackled the task of mixing 14 tracks of percussion down to two track so Dave and I could stretch out. Ah I love the extra room to work (Hey Dave lets go bizerk) And that is just what we will do. Mr. Dave rolled in and did the bass thing. Those sessions also went well and very efficient. From the birds eye view I was happy with the improv that Clay did and then the adjustments that Dave paid careful attention to. Like a prison lock down. Dave locked in. I am very happy with our band's rhythm section. It is nice work to build guitar parts on top of. So the third inning began and Dean I enrolled in the stress academy. Those darn guitars. The clean tracks went down with ease. But those distorted guitars are still haunting us. Tone is everything. We are going to revisit them in March. The research and development department is open 24/7. We will nail them down the way we dream of, Right Dean? Mayday… Dean come in..Is anyone there? Ah, he can’t hide from his cell phone forever. Mr. Dave returned with a wonderful two nights on synthesizers and things went well and Dean and I were very happy with the new parts and the hard work Dave has done. The thing is starting to take face and shape. It is nearing the middle of February and it seems to be going forever. Vocal pre-production begins next and we will being paying the up most care into this realm. The make or Breaking point of the album. I am confident in the outcome and hopeful of the future. We have worked very hard and poured ever ounce heart into this we could. That in it self is half the battle. Let the games continue…More later. JB

Well it has been along time since I have updated this site. We have been on a long hiatus and thinking and rethinking our goals and needs as musicians. As most bands go through in-decision and differences we have hit some roadblocks. We are getting back into the completion of our album. We are in the process of locating the voice for the project and we have spent some time doing that. I have made a list of some well-known vocalists and began contacting the first on the list and are in the process of completing demos for them and will hope for a response. I always believe in starting at the top and working down. All they can say is no or yes. The desire for this change is the drive of making the best progressive album and taking the project a step further. One aspect that is tough is sending your material to someone you have respected for years. So in the process every error and glitches stand out and turn into mountains. We ran into a technical problem with the combination of many guitar sources and a loop in the subgroups that appeared in the tape playbacks but not in the monitors during tracking, a mystery., so in November when we will wrap up the music end of the project and repair the guitar and bass glitches. Also we will be developing the marketing aspect of this project beginning with some meetings in Toronto in mid October and an evening at the Orbit room, that should be fun. All in all we hope to release it the first quarter in 2001. We will update it A.S.A.P. Jimbo

Well things are in motion and we have narrowed down a vocalist for the band. We will do some demos and pick between the few and get down to work in Nov. We hope to release a single and video in Dec or 2001. The Toronto experience was great. We got to see some really cool sites and meet some wonderful people. It is a great city to experience and its diverse culture is incredible. I feel more motivated and have gained a little more knowlege reguarding the developement and marketing a album. All the pieces of the puzzle are out there, it just takes persistance and drive to assemble the picture. JB Date Line 2001. We are wondering if this thing (project will ever be done) Yes, I predict soon. We are in the last stages of determining the vocalist for the cd. I hope to complete the album in the spring. There have been some talks of moving on the the next album. With the pains of this one I was beginning to think that this was it. Mabey so, but it would be fun to do another one. If so I hope to move into a massive wall of guitar and synths to kind of push the envelope away from todays bands attitude of raw bordom.

JB Date Line fall 2001. We will be playing at the Little Bear in Evergreen (there is nothing like the Bear), Colorado on Sept.19th 2001. We will be performing two sets of Rush and a set of our own music. As for our CD project, our friend Vic Urbina will be singing on our album, we will track vocals this fall. This thing is seeming like it will never get done, hopefully it will. We really miss the live thing and so we decided to answer that calling. JB

Date line August 2005.......Second Nature kind of went off a cliff. The CD project got ditched, Dave and I got together and listened to it recently. We felt some new energy. I am interested because the change in technology. Working with Adats can be a headache!! I am revamping the studio and have added a Roland VS-2480 hard drive recording studio and in the colder months ahead we have decided to knock it through. I know it has gone beyond the boundries of time. I refuse to release it until I am comfortable with the outcome. The longer you work on a album the more confused you become abouts its worth. The change of gear should open new doors and quality that we were not achieving. So we hope to get it out in the open. Best wishes, Jim.

These pictures show our studios main recording room in front of the console rooms window.

This is the drum room with Clays kit fully mic'd.

This picture shows the guitar rig fully mic'd during the tracking of our album.

Click on the NTF Studio's link below for more information on N-TER-FACE Audio works.

A better look at the studio.

This is the heart of the studio. The Adat's, DAT's and computer editing and automated mixing processors are located next to the mixing console.

The studio's console window during a 14 hour construction marathon. Yes we are glad it is finished.