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Well, in the middle of this year we decided to do more of our "An evening of the music of Rush" performances and we are enjoying ourselves. Rush's material is so fun to play, how could you not? We will have one more show this year on Nov. 27th, for the benefit for the Red Cross and we will spend Dec.-Jan finishing up our CD. It's about time. We will keep ya posted,
These shots are from our first show at the Aztlan theatre, April 25th, 1997.
We wanted to thank a few friends for their help and support.

Barrett Saxton for the artwork developement and his wacky, yet so fullfilling jpeg titles (hey ya made me think "what the, oh yea!!". His band Trillan, I think the release of their Cd will be somthing that will interest prog-rock listeners. Dean-O-Bynum, our engineer at large and his careful use of the final word-OUCH,(****'in Jerk) My bad!! We will try harder. He is another driven individual that gets consumed by his work and dreams. Nothing will get in the way! Miss Pegi & Anna at SRO, it was a great experience for us(P.S. I am still waiting for the Power Windows painting??)!! The Colorado Heavy metal list- Guy Kendall, Tim and Dusty- it is nice to play for people who know the obscure material (Tom Sawyer, Closer to the heart- Freebird......Just kidding) Paul, nice Rush pictures of The Ged on the Bus, Carl Johnson, Jeff Donnelly, congratulations on your new little girl "Lea Marie Donnelly" if anyone was meant to be a dad, it is Jeff, congrats to jeff's wife too and his cousin Darin, Tym and Jerry (it's cool to play for people who understand "Digital Man") Tym gets the award for most support of Second Nature, Thanks Bud!!,Pete Ward and Medicine Man..Our friend Chuck Glidden-RIP, your song Cotton Wood will always be a great mark left by you , Patrick Day, Angel and Tony, Chris Dehrer and Sandy & Marty, Grandyzine and the inspiration (some people make a difference), BIG MIKE BURKE (he should own a Ford dealership), Mike Sweger (nice web site), The National Midnight Star We miss the site alot, A show of Fans R.I.P, Dan Hanley at Magna Carta (thanks for the open ear), Pat Fuller, Mike Adams, Brian and Rebecca (we didn't mean to make your ears bleed), and Dave and everyone at the Little Bear. Paul and Juan at the Buffalo Rose, Joe Monzon- Yes, Lee Harvey Oswalds last show in Dallas was a hard act to follow, thanks for the Pic!!

Dave and Clay acting all cool outside of the "Littlebear" before a show.
Stanley Milton- Denvers best blues cat, Bill Eldrege, Video Drome (I love the view), Jack & Cassandra (Jackie Chan) your help in the studio was a life saver, Donna Halper, Jack and Terri Secret, Robbie Steinhart for being such a down to earth person, Kerry Livgren, Damian at Hermans Hideaway, Reuben & Laura, Michael La Guardi, Terry the coolest Mom-in-Law, Paul & Kathline, Julie & Scott, Rich at Tribute band Mania- Cool Site, Meg and Jimmie at TNMS, Matt Pinkerton (your help and acting has been appreicated), Shelly, Bill and Kate Anthony, Pat Day (thanks for the nice e-mail), Grand Designs web site RIP, Victoria Secret, progressive minded folks on TNMS and Steve at ASOF. SLynny and Admin. at Tri-Net-You guys are very cool and what an amazing Rush site: ASOF.NET, also big thanks to Eric at "The Power Windows" web site, it is also a great Rush related web site! Our kids: Chase Adams (clay's new lil drum tech.)Teya, Michelle, Jade, Gianna, Chelsea, Michael, Andrew, Justy and His Kitty Lightning (RIP) & his new kitty-Milo (where's Otis)! we are a fertile bunch, Brian Scott and Paul Ordonez at UNI( Good choice on the PRS) Moving along Frank and Ankie Morgan, and everyone else who has been there for US!!
Clay-tor Stravinski (One furtile turtle) Yes, our drummer is a Daddy again!! Congrats to you and the Mrs's--------- Denise....can I still call you "Big Mama" ????? He is getting HUGE!! Those plutonium shakes really work!!


So we will keep ya posted and hope to see you all soon . . . This was brought to you by the letter "R"......................................................Now it's Dark.


Backstage at the Buffalo Rose and someone gone and wrote Second Nature on the wall. Those darn groupies.
Here's a rare picture of us before our old manager John Castellano (Congrats on the new baby) got us on the slim fast diet..