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Dean Bynum

an engine with ears

When you hold a deep rooted love and passion for music, you tend to seek out people who share that conviction. Not an easy search. It should come as no surprise that egos and attitude can get in the way of the music. For years I have searched and always ran into some barrier (a story much too long for here). Suffice it to say, I was growing comfortable with the thought of becoming a musical hermit and going solo. Of course, that is when James called to say, "What are you up to? I've got this idea..." I am weak. Sooo... I'm working with musicians again and couldn't be happier. This is such a great combination of good people who pour out creativity, energy, and incredible talent. I AM EXCITED!! And I am embracing this project with my whole heart!! My thanks to the band.

Many hours I have spent with this view
Let me give a rundown of the project to date. Clay started by laying down the drum tracks. He is amazing. To play with such emotion and feel while regimently locked into a click track is a display of his years of devotion to his instrument. With that as the foundation, we smiled and moved on. Dave came in with his bass, very prepared and loaded with skill. Soon, it was obvious that here was a rhythm section that grooves. Nothing is more essential. If it misses, the project fails...they didn't miss! With those tracks down, it was Jim's turn. He handed me four pages of notes on what he would be tracking, how many parts for each song - where the parts would be, the guitar he would use, distortion settings, chorus, reverbs, mike placement, etc...etc...etc... He left little doubt in my mind that he intended this to be his finest hour. Well... it paid off. Now, Dave is back in laying down walls of keyboards and filling in the gaps. There is still much work to do, but we are diligent..

I want more buttons!!!

It is too early to tell just what this will sound like in the end, but I look very forward to the day when I can pull the CD out of its case and listen from beginning to end with pride and a sigh of relief. This is time well spent and their perfornamces deserve to be immortalized. KUDOS!!!!!!!

Thanks to all, more later. Dean
Console room at NTF Studios.

Clearvoyant - James Pomeranz