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These are some sites that we enjoy and would like to pass along. . .We are currently working on removing sites that are no longer running.

Here is links to some Rush related sites. We wish the best to Megan and Jimmy of the National Midnight star and to Steve Streeter of A Show of Fans. Your sites connected us with many people around the world and we made lots of friends along the way…..Best wishes-The Second Nature Project. Also included are some sites that promote what we term as progressive music.

Power windows

Aimee Mann

A Show of Fans-Tri-Net


Animation- Rush tribute band

Eddie Jobson

A guy named Mike - Rush web page


Kerry Livgren

Steve Hackett

Progressive Rock links including-Eddie Jobson


Eric Johnson

Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Steve morse

This will connect you with Magna Carta records- they really make a strong effort in promoting progressive music and keeping it alive.

Magna Carta

If you are interested in all kinds of tribute bands this site is it. I had no idea how many tribute bands exist. You can find all kinds of Rush tribute bands, even a Partridge Family tribute band (I wonder if the bass player has red hair & freckles) and even a mention of Steve Hackett, that q'd me off to the fact that somebody out there really knows their music.


This site will link you to the finest guitars made! Alex and Jim seem to agree on this one!

PRS Guitars

Being progressive minded and influnced by Rush in a serious manner, I haven't been too impressed by many bands including most three piece bands. Zebra on the other hand is the exception. They are well known for the song "Whos behind the door" (although it is one of the best songs radio had promoted with its limited scope). I consider it the tip of the ice berg. Just as radio latches on to something and never digs deeper, Zebra has not recieved the exposure they deserve. For the life of me I can't understant why musicians that have skills and chops above basic barchord rock find it so tuff to get heard. All four Zebra albums are a must for the Rush/Zeppelin influnced listener. They are recording there next album and for me, I already know it will be the highlight of this years music.


If you are a Colorado-based musician having trouble finding the right people to play with (boy, I have been there!) check out this site. It also contains a lot of information on the Colorado music scene and a great list on music instructors. Marty shows a genuine interest in developing and participating in the Colorado music scene. . . Excellent!

Music Mates

This is an excellent web list that will provide the ability to e-mail the list and have it automatically forwarded to everyone subscribing to the list. It also provides cool information on upcoming shows, music stores and reviews of shows. The list specializes in metal, but it is not exclusive. If you are looking for daily updates on Colorado's music, you will find it here!

Colorado Heavy Metal Homepage

My good friend Angelo has developed some excellent music stores in the Colorado area. If you're a Kansas fan, he is the man. He can also find all kinds of progressive music that the big chains just can't seem to locate. (Of course, it wouldn't have to do with the fact that they SUCK.) Thank god for the independent retailer.

Angelo's CD & tapes- A Colorado based music store- A must for Rush, Kansas fans ect. ect.

This site will get you a free counter for your web site.

Le Fast Counters

Last but not least is our link for some of our musician-friends' web sites.

The Danny Masters Band.


We do not intend to suggest these sites are sponsors of Second Nature.

Some are friends and some are just sites we enjoy and respect.


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