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                         JAMES POMERANZ


      I have re-worked my gear and tried to enhance my tones. Sadly, the more your learn and study fine guitar tones, the bigger the uphill climb becomes. My main guitar is a Paul Reed Smith custom and in which I favor to my Gibson and Fender's. They perform in an amazing way, the PRS almost never needs to be tuned and I can go balistic with the whammy bar with no fear of going out of tune. The PRS is the best made guitar I have come across and once you get used to them, it is hard to accept a lesser quality guitar. I have a bunch of new toys, I broke down and finally purchased a Gibson EDS-1275 cherry red double neck, also I added a Fender Tele and a BC Rich-bich to the line up. During the making of our CD, The PRS's have performed extremely well.  In 3rd place, have an Emerald Green Strat Custom. The driving force in urban destruction is my '78 Les Paul artisian, if 'ya need a wall removed, call me, my Les Paul is the answer. With Second Nature on the back burner and headed for the junk yard, I am currently working on some solo work and hoping to mix the Second Nature CD soon. Sure!!


     This is my current live set up. In the rack is a Marshall 9100 stereo poweramp and a Marshall JMP-1 midi pre-amp.
Interfaced into the JMP-1 through the effects loup is a Roland AC-2 acoustic guitar simulator. For enhancements, the rack has an Alesisi M-EQ 230 dual 31 band stereo equalizer and a BBE 462 sonic maximizer. For effects the rack is equipped with an Alesis Quadraverb which I use for chorusing, DDL and flanging amongst alot of other wacky sounds. On top is a Furman PL-9 power conditioner and I have a Roland GP-8 acting as a spare effects processor in case the Quadraverb does a nuclear meltdown. The whole charade is sent throught the air by a Nady wireless system. The Cabinets are Marshall 4 X 12 BV 1960  loaded with Celestion vintage greenbacks.



I am into my third effects board since we started this band and I have to say that this one turned out real well. It is stocked with a Digital Equipment Midi switcher for controlling the midi effects in the rack. The onboard effects are a Roland HR-2 Harmonist and a Roland DDL-2 Digital Delay. Next, it has a Roland Volume pedal And a Roland Guitar tuner. To the Right of the effects board is a set of Roland PK-5 Midi pedals that are interfaced to the Korg 05-RW sound bank in the rack. I am using one of the Digital Equipment Ground controllers to bounce around my synth presets on the midi pedals. My home studio's
pre-production setup consists of a Fostex X-26 4-track, a Fostex R-8 eight
track reel to reel, a fostex 812 mixing console.  For full production
I have "3" Alesis Adats Xt's, A Behringer Eurodesk MX-8000 Mixing Console but that dinosaur stuff is a pain. now I have a Roland vs-2480 and that is the unit that will be used most of the time. I will use my Boss BR-1180 and my Boss BR-1600 digital hard drive recorders for little stuff and mixes, times are a changing!!
and a Panasonic VS-3800 pro Dat, a Sony DTC 75 ES DAT Recorder, a HP pentium II equipped with a CD burner, two Yamaha NS-10M studio monitors, an Alesis RA-100 reference amplifier.  As for outboard gear, I have a
Roland GP-8, Roland SDE 1000 Digital Delay, "3" Behringer
Composer's- Compressor/ Limiter's, A DBX 266 Compressor, and an Alesis
Microverb II. For synth's, a Roland Juno 106 and a Roland JP-8000 and one Roland RS-50.  In the guitar department I also have a a new Ovation Elite XL six string acoustic, a Yamaha FG-160
six string acoustic, with the nut and bridge replaced with animal bone.  A  A Ibanez classical w/ active electronics and a el-cheapo-classical guitar, an Ovation 12 string acoustic and a Ovation Adamas like 6-String acoustic,(both with active electronics, Fender Precision Bass and a Warwick 4-string Blue Corvette Bass and a Roland DR-5 drum machine


As for my toys at home. .
.All my dumptrucks are made by Tonka.  I used to use those Micro Machines, but my pet elephant squished them ,
that wasbefore we got evicted from our apartment for having pets,
that's another story.
So now all my cars are Hot Wheels and yes, I still have those orange tracks with the loop-t-loops and the purple connectors, call me a kid, call me lost in the sixties, just don't ever, EVER!!! call me collect,
I have my limits . . .'nuff said...................
.So all in all, we are well equipped to sit down to record our first record this winter - I guess
we have to finish writing the music first.  It is always those little details that get ya in the end.  Silly huh?
Not half as silly as having tigger doing background vocals for our album.....
  I thought it was.





The instigator always has these kind of question's.
Dateline-January, 1997
Whata ya think about doing a Rush Tribute Band?

Whata ya think about play'in a bunch of obscure songs?
Will David Lee Roth ever make up with Eddie Vanhalen?
What does 5Q + 5Q equal?
10 Q...Thank You!
When I was two years old, my parents enrolled me into a Clash tribute band. It was just a fad I was going through, I new I was meant to do more than that.