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Dean Bynum

Engineer at large

This site is under construction and in the future will be the engineers take on this project..
Lot's of effects with LED's are part of a well balanced and nutricous breakfast. Sure.

Mr Adat.
This is the studios Adats and computer setup, we are still updating software and preping to insert cakae walk into our editing capabilities Celestion vintage. .


The studio os equipped "3" Alesis Adats Xt's, A Behringer Eurodesk MX-8000 Mixing Console, and a Panasonic VS-3800 pro Dat, a Sony DTC 75 ES DAT Recorder, a HP pentium II equipped with a CD burner, two Yamaha NS-10M studio monitors, an Alesis RA-100 reference amplifier. As for outboard gear, I have a Roland GP-8, Roland SDE 1000 Digital Delay, "3" Behringer Composer's- Compressor/ Limiter's, A DBX 266 Compressor, and an Alesis Microverb II. For synth's, a Roland Juno 106 and a Roland JP-8000.

That is it for my toys at home. . . Silly huh? I thought it was!
This show was at the Lodo music hall in the summer of '98.

Clearvoyant - James Pomeranz