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Clay Adams
Drums and Percussion

The challenge of recreating the Neil Peart sound is a very tall order and we have decided do our Rush show and keep on working towards going original someday. The drum tracks are finished for our Cd and I am just waiting for the rest of the guys to finish up. I am ready to do some live shows with the new material and move on to the next album, patience. . . . Only doctor's have patience.

My personal choice was a set of Premier Genista drums with each drum having 7" ply's of 100% birch shells. With the exception of a 6" Remo roto tom, I'm using 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, & 16" closed toms and a pair of 22" Bass drums.The snare or shall we say "Gun shot" is a solid shell Drum Workshop masterpiece. The Craviotto is a 3 1/2 X 14 snare with a Evans Genera smooth head topped off with an Ozone ring. All cymbals are Avedis-Zildjian. They are 13" hats, 8" & 10" splash, 2-16, 18, & 20" crashes, 22" ride and a 20" Paiste china type.

Last but not least (I bet you thought I forgot) the percussion: glockenspiel, temple blocks, agogo bells, cow bells, wind chimes and triangles round out this mountain of steel, wood & metal

All the closed toms have "ozone rings" with clear Remo heads and clear dot heads on the bass drums. My hardware is all Drum Workshop heavy duty stands with DW 5000 pedals.

As for what interests me in my free time, I enjoy playing Twister after a long night of drinking, then I send my GI Joe's over to Barbie and Ken's house to trash the place and wreck her Corvette. For weapons I use the Nerf (the 2112 series of course) and some old Osmond records. A pretty lethal combo! I thought of using Jimbob's background vocals as a weapon, but one must have limits on the use of force and remain humane. 'Till then, I will keep beating my drums, countertops and furniture on a daily basis.....CLAY-TOR. . .(and the snow dog).




Dr. NO