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The first show we did was in Dallas , Texas. The "Lee Harvey Oswald Band" opened for us . What a show they put on, it really ended with a BANG. To say the least, it was a hard act to follow.

Ah, looking back. We started this whole charade going all original. Then Dave said" Why don't we do a few covers to get warmed up. Translating to Jim's attitude towards cover tunes, What is fun covers to play. Top 40-Nahhhhhh!! Rush? yea, they are pretty good, we will play some Rush. So in late January Jim called Dave and said "Hey, lets do a Rush tribute band" and Dave said "What does Clay think?"...I dunno!! So I called clay and he said "Yup" and then Dave said "Yup" and yup it was. We did our first show in April 25, 1997 at the Aztlan theatre and did the Rush thing for over two years and wrote a few orginals with the intent of going original some day. Well that some day is today and here we are making an album to some may say , punish the world by. We hope it is not that bad. Time will tell and if need be, we will play behind huge walls of chicken wire.

Date line: Summer 2004. Hello...Well it has been along time and as you might have fiquered out Second Nature has kind of ceased to exist. Our Cd project is completed and yet is not mixed, we have plans to mix it but until the final result is analized, I can't say if we will release it. It is a product of being a project that has gone on for far too long and has been just too darn much of a headache!! We will keep ya posted....Best wishes to you all .

Yes, we will be glad, when it is finished.

Clearvoyant - BLF